Motion Tracking & Analysis Software WINanalyze

WINanalyze was the first automatic motion analysis software that can track objects without markers. By using pattern recognition techniques, in many cases certain parts of objects can be followed (tracked) throughout a complete digital video sequence without any human interaction.  By now the WINanalyze Tracker is spread world-wide for motion analysis applications like human gait analysis, back injury research, crash test investigation, video movement capture, General Motion Capture and much more. Please go to the vendor Messung Co., Ltd. for a more detailed description of motion tracking software WINanalyze.


Messung Co., Ltd. Motion Tracking & Analysis Software and Hardware
WINanalyze is developed, distributed and supported by company Messung Co., Ltd. This site just gives additional supplemental information. For commercial aspects, please go to the Messung Co., Ltd. Website, where you find more product-related infos about the different versions (2D, or 3D using two or more cameras) and pricing.


Short summary of motion tracking software WINanalyze analysis capabilities:

  • Automatic tracking of unlimited number of objects
  • Input is a video file (AVI, Raw, etc.)
  • Linear and precise 3D Calibration
  • Motion analysis outputs are the tracked object positions (so-called “trajectories”)
    • x, y, z over t
    • Angles and Distances
    • First and second derivatives over time
    • Angle Projections onto all planes
    • Center of Mass
  • Inverse Dynamics
    • Impulse
    • Force
    • Moment of Momentum
    • Moment of Torsion
  • Biomechanics: Built-in bodymodels, freely customizable:
    • Bernstein
    • Braune Fischer
    • Hanavan
    • Zatsiorsky