WINanalyze Download – Player Version

Now available: The WINanalyze Player!

The Motion tracking software download WINanalyze Player allows to load video files and load formerly tracked objects so that you can display and explore them. All object calculations, such as velocity and acceleration computation, are allowed. But setting objects or tracking them is not available (a full version of WINanalyze motion tracking software is required to do so – you can get it from company Messung Co., Ltd.).

The WINanalyze Player is very useful for WINanalyze customers who want to deliver their tracking results to their clients with the full possibility to explore the data by themselves.

The Player comes with some predefined samples including tracked objects to preview the potential of the WINanalyze motion tracker:

  • A sample foot tracking video
  • A sample stereo-view 3D sequence with full calibration data
  • A sample precision test sequence for subpixel accuracy test and comparison

Please click here to download the free WINanalyze Player (V2.7 as of 13-Feb-2016, ca. 8 MB)

WINanalyze Player 2.7 is Windows 8 & 10 compatible!

Here is a snapshot of the Player:
motion tracking software download - WINanalyze Player - screenshot

If you want to see and investigate more sequences tracked with WINanalyze, you can download the additional Tutorial package here (caution those files are huge, ca. 48 MB)