The WINanalyze Software

WINanalyze is a Motion Tracking Software application which helps analyzing movements in videos. WINanalyze can track an unlimited amount of objects in video files automatically, and present the results in almost any desired way (x-y graphs, velocities, accelerations, etc). Of course Imports and Exports from and to most common applications are supported.

A picture says more than a thousand words – so here are animated images to show the typical usage of Motion Tracking Software WINanalyze:

foot motion tracking


Setting an object in a video and tracking it is as simple as that





foot video tracking set object


Synchronous display of video and data allows for in-depth analysis





foot tracker connect objects




Single objects can be connected to compute distances and angles






Motion tracking software stick figure


With connected objects, stick figure analysis is easily obtained:





The WINanalyze motion tracker has many more features (e.g. video filtering, high precision camera calibration, velocity/acceleration calculation, body models, stereovision or 3D with up to 10 cameras, etc.). Here is an animation that shows a small subset:

 Click at picture of motion analysis software WINanalyze to get larger view


The pictures above show a typical application of biomechanics. WINanalyze has numerous applications in areas such as

  •     Machine Vision

  •     Industrial Inspection

  •     Clinical Gait Analysis

  •     Photogrammetry

  •     Military Tracking

Please have a look at “Scientific References” to see some of the published work of people using WINanalyze!